Dan Harmon Poops


when male writers create “strong female characters” that show hints of feminism without ever calling it feminism.

when said strong female characters go ahead and slut shame and spray hate all over other women.


I’m still waiting to hear what happens when these crimes are committed by a TV show you’re watching.  

I suppose when these transgressions occur, you eventually rise up above the all-consuming horde and …

….post an animated GIF.  Of a person on a different TV show rolling their eyes.  

It’s a bummer to me that I can broadcast 30 minutes of content through a gauntlet of state and corporate-imposed boundaries and still somehow manage to enrage a real person.

It’s a bummer to me that a real person, without restriction, with nobody policing what they say or how they say it, can sit down to make their voice known, and end up…posting a complaint about a sitcom.  A sitcom on a network that predates our grandparents, from a company that makes stereos, games and phones.

Everything’s a bummer to me, but I try to focus on what makes me happy and what I’m able to control.  Now imagine a GIF of me shitting on your face and tell your parents I said “you’re welcome.”

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    Dan Harmon Gives me hope for Television/The Human Race. I can’t wait to meet this guy at Supercon
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    Dan Harmon hurt Chevy Chase, someone who is a NOTORIOUS DICK BAG, and felt he had to say something super apologetic even...
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    also can we remember that good characters are fully-developed people and most real people have some not so great...
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    This man knows where it’s at.
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